Top RV Adventures For First Timers


 If you’ve made the wise and exciting decision to embark on your very first RV rental

expedition, then you on your way to a lifetime of adventures on the open road. When you’re researching for your first trip, choosing the location is the most important aspect. You want your first adventure to be enjoyable but also manageable since it will be your first time out. For this reason you will want an exciting location that has a comfortable RV park close by. Fortunately, there are a great many parks across the country that offer all of these qualities and more, making them absolutely perfect for your first time on the road.

California Redwood Country

Located in beautiful Red Bluff region in California, this is the perfect area for exploring the unique redwood forests of northern California. There are a number of RV parks in the region that put you right in the heart of the redwoods and a variety of hiking trails, sights, and activities. The parks in this region are known to be comfortable and accommodating for first time campers. These are full-hookup camps that accommodate any size RV and come with fire pits, excellent service, recreational areas, and even large pools where you can cool down with a dip on a hot summer’s day. The parks is also dog friendly, so you can bring along your favorite pet as well.


Florida remains one of the top places for first time RV travelers. With its key mix of mild weather, multiple coasts, and its abundance of comfortable sites to camp out within the tropical splendor, this is a great destination for a first time camper. One that you may want to check out is Long Key which features sweeping ocean views and many of the sites are located on the water’s edge. All of the activities and joys that come with beachside living are easily obtainable. And don’t forget the snorkeling, fishing, and best bird watching as well. You will also find the camps to be comfortable, well serviced, and adequate for any style and size of RV.

Grand Canyon

There is no more iconic a site than the Grand Canyon, which makes it perfect for your first time out. There are a number of full-hook up parks that put you just half a mile from the base of the Canyon. This means that some of the most epic hiking trails in the country can be accessed right from camp. This is not to mention the amazing sunsets and the opportunity to hike the Grand Canyon. You can easily obtain a permit from the visitor’s center located at the entrance to the trail.

 Big National Bend

The Big National Bend is one of the top locations in the nation and the perfect first RV rental trip. There is delicious Tex-Mex food to be had all over the location, plus you have the Park itself with its amazing canyons, table mountains, and wide range if interesting wildlife. The sunsets are amazing, and you can watch them right from one of the many extremely comfortable camps in the region with full hook ups and great service.

Starved Rock State Park

Starved Rock State Park, located right in the heart of beautiful Illinois, is one of the most unique camping spots in the country. Here you can witness the glacial melt waterfalls that have become famous through the scores of images taken by travelers who have passed through this region. There are also the sandstone canyons which have become famous with hikers over the past number of decades. The boating here is also amazing, with rivers flowing straight through canyons. The fishing here is extraordinary, and fishermen travel for many thousands of miles to fish these waters each year. There are a wide variety of RV parks in the region and they are known as some of the most well-maintained and comfortable in the nation. The parks are located right inside the park, so you can wake up in the morning, walk straight off the park and onto the hiking trail of your choice. When it comes to convenience and epic wilderness, you have both in your hands here.

Taking an RV rental journey for the first time should be a well-planned and enjoyable experience. For this reason you will want a great location with easy access to all the activities and sights you wish to experience, plus a comfortable camp where you can learn the basics of RV setup, hookups, and cleanup. Keep in mind that there are many more well-located parks with great services in all regions of the country, so you should do your research if an area you’re interested in isn’t on this list. RV travel is an American tradition, so there are many great parks from coast to coast.