Steps to Optimize Digital Marketing with Call Tracking 


Step 1- Track calls and attribute them to previous consumer touchpoints

Tracking engagements efficacy has been around from the time of ads. They used to advertise in such way ‘mention this ad and you will get 15 percent off’.

DNI (Dynamic number insertion) employs JavaScript code for replacing the data phone numbers on your website with a mobile number which will be individual with each other. You can see it on on your system and then check out the number given at the top right. You will be able to peep on to the computer of your co-worker’s system and here you will find different mobile numbers. When you will dial on this number then you will land in the same place.

Step 2 – Unify caller data across multiple sources

There are some steps to unify caller data across multiple sources when it comes to handling call tracking.

  1. First party data, like customers records which can be tugged in from a marketer’s CRM.
  2. The third-party demographic data
  3. Call statistics which includes standard metrics like duration of the call, time of the day, caller area code, and more.
  4. And the conversational statics has been taken from the speech cogent and other AI-based equipment.
  5. Customer journey statics like ad subjection and website visitation.

Step 3 – Analyze spoken conversations to classify call drivers, behaviours and outcomes

To understand this, take an example, suppose you get 1000 calls into your call center every day and you are aware of the fact that you get 100 phone conversions like a purchase. But sometimes it gets difficult to determine the ten percent of calls which you really want to determine. So, it gets high-quality prospects that may transform on a follow- up call?

It is very frequent receiving such answers let me check and will call you back tomorrow, let me talk to my wife first. So, this might be tough to understand and most marketers are leaving it on the table.

But since the day you understand the nature and behaviour of call and customers, you will be able to target your audience well and have wonderful business for further.

Step 4 – Push call data to your marketing stack to optimize campaigns

So, if you are a learner you will always maintain the interest of your customer and this will be a good gesture towards your business and customer, and when they will find you worth, they will definitely bring you some good customers like them.


When you will understand the importance of Digital marketing with the call center then you will be able to focus more on your business and then it will not affect you for any reason whether you have a small business because the ability to take right approach will take you ahead, and your business even more ahead.

If you’ll see all the major digital marketing courses, you’ll find experts recommending using the automated solutions based on data. And what can be better than call tracking for these businesses. The quality always matters in every business so when you will reach to your customers always provide them quality and maintain that by working on their reviews.