A start-up is the inception and flourishing of long seen dreams by budding entrepreneurs. Many of these dreams just remain a piece of paper and never explore their potential, this happens due to the dearth of capital, will power or both.


A start up is not just about innovations and ideas it requires proper technical and financial boosting to actually take off.

  • Firstly there should be a well-conceived idea with the course to be followed well identified.
  • Once on paper it should then make a digital appearance by creation of a website. This website can be self- created using the various free online tools available.
  • The website should be fed well with product and business related articles and blog and should be informative. The idea should reach the masses.
  • As the idea gets popular and business starts flowing in professional help can be undertaken from the likes of, who provide professional services in all areas from start-up incorporation- to their growth, improving their presence and funding in the most proficient manner.

Thus we can see a start-up needs wide range of support to actually bloom into a flower and spread its fragrance in the world of business.


In Singapore the government takes the task of promoting the start-ups pretty seriously and tries to create a cordial environment for their growth. They undertake equity financing wherein they take up some ownership rights in lieu of providing the initial capital. Schemes such as cash grants and tax incentives are also quite popular with the Singaporean government which is leaving no stone upturned to make its business environment more suitable for the young enterprising minds. But all these processes require proper business proposals and a plethora of paper work and documentations. For an individual with inadequate knowledge on the working of government nitty-gritty it can be really taxing and can create a lot of pressure. Here the A1 company registration in Singapore plays a pivotal role in helping the start-ups in getting their paperwork’s right and moving in the right manner to get the necessary support from the government.


Registering and incorporation of a company in Singapore requires a whole lot of work. The company needs to get ready with the entire profile, name registration, getting incorporation certificate and so on. The list is long and requires experts to save on time, cost and to deliver efficiency.

  • Professional help is better in this respect because a slightest glitch cam lead to the debacle of the entire plan.
  • Expert service providers are proficient and prompt in decision making when a critical juncture arises.
  • Since they have many years of experience and umpteen amount of skills behind them they are able to get the tasks done quickly.
  • They are aware of the right channels and this helps them in taking the right track and eventually accomplishing the task.

Thus it an can be concluded that for a start-up with limited funds at bay, Singapore offers umpteen opportunity and the safest and most convenient way to garner this support from government is through an A1 serviced office.