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Cannabis is dioecious plant dating back to the 3rd century BCE. From ancient years it is well-known for its medical benefits across the world. Even in this conventional medical world it still has its effects on the patients worldwide.

Medical cannabis:

A lot of cannabis strains are collectively called medicinal cannabis. The term medical cannabis is indefinite because it comprises of several varieties of cannabis plants and their derivatives. Medical cannabis is concerned with the medical use of the cannabis sativa or cannabis indica plant to relieve the symptoms and treatment for a wide range of diseases and health conditions.

Conventional medicine vs medical cannabis:

For centuries medical cannabis was widely used as a medicine. But with the development and far reach of conventional medicines with its theories and proofs, medical cannabis has hit a roadblock from 1900. This is because conventional medicines contain only one or two chemicals and can be substantiated with proof. But in the case of cannabis, it contains about 400 different chemicals and 70 cannabinoids. This makes it difficult to ascertain which chemical is used for the particular treatment. Due to this lack of proof, cannibals are not legalized in many countries worldwide.

Medical cannabis with Zenabis:

Zenabis is the No.1 manufacturer of quality cannabis products worldwide. They are the pioneers and the greatest inspiration for medical cannabis producers in the world. Situated in Canada, they have planting, processing, manufacturing, testing and many more facilities in the state of art buildings in all corners of Canada.

Zenabis products:

Zenabis being pioneers in the modern cultivation of cannabis in Canada are the world’s best suppliers of all kinds of cannabis products. It includes both the medical and recreational cannabis products.

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